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After suffering an accident or experiencing a personal injury, it’s important to select the right healthcare professional to aid you in your recovery. At Kinexis Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center, we specialize in providing an unrivaled level of care that’s tailored toward each of our accident or injury patients.

Whether you have suffered a car accident, sports injury, or an accident at work, we conduct a thorough examination to identify the most effective treatment options. Ensuring your health and well-being is our main priority at all times.

General Chiropractic

Our General Chiropractic services seek to alleviate back pain, neck pain, and extremity issues. We examine each individual patient to determine the most appropriate method of manual manipulation.

Auto Accident Injuries

We specialize in Auto Accidents in documentation, diagnosis, permanent impairment ratings, testifying in court, report writing and other important aspects as it relates to car accidents or other personal injury cases.

Sports Injuries

We take a holistic approach to treating sports injuries, employing multiple techniques to maximize an athlete’s potential or promote healing after an injury. The specific treatment will depend upon individual circumstances.

Weight Loss

Ideal Protein is a doctor-designed, Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol that treats weight loss as healthcare and uses food as medicine to empower you to lose weight and live your best, healthiest life for the rest of your life.

Expert guidance from your very own personal coach keeps you motivated. While the huge variety of delicious Ideal Protein food and tons of other fresh, lean, healthy meals and snacks you get to choose from keep you satisfied on your journey to your new healthy weight and beyond.

Peripheral Neuropathy

When nerves are damaged or fail to function properly, patients often experience symptoms of muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, or localized pain known as neuropathy.

While commonly beginning in your hands or feet, neuropathy can occur in other parts of the body. Common treatments to combat neuropathy usually involve managing the discomfort or preventing further nerve damage. However, the chiropractic approach aims to treat the underlying condition and reduce any resulting inflammation through tailored treatment therapies.

Herniated Disc

If one of the soft discs that cushion the vertebrae slips, is dislocated, or otherwise harmed, it is known as a herniated disc. The condition is more common in older patients due to disc degeneration or degeneration of the spine, although it can also be caused by strain or injury.

The patient may experience low back pain or neck pain depending on the affected area. After carrying out tests, the chiropractic approach aims to treat the spine as a whole through focused, low-force adjustments to relieve pain.


While it may appear similar to a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis is when one of the vertebrae itself slips out of the proper position onto the bone below rather than an issue with the discs. That said, it is possible for both issues to coexist.

Patients with spondylolisthesis will experience low back pain or neck pain, which can be treated through spinal manipulations. The specific technique will vary depending on each individual case.

Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis is a type of spinal cord damage, where the spinal canal is narrowed. This puts pressure on your spinal cord or on the nerves that run from your cord to your muscles.

For lumbar spinal stenosis, this will result in low back pain and cervical spinal stenosis is the same condition in the neck region. In both cases, spinal manipulation is the preferred treatment to ease pain and relieve the pressure.


A pinched or damaged nerve in the spinal cord is called radiculopathy. It could manifest as pain in the back, arms, legs or shoulders, muscle weakness, or loss of reflexes. At times it can also lead to numbness or other abnormal sensations.

Aimed at treating the underlying cause, the chiropractic treatment involves gentle adjustments to the affected area of the spine. In some instances, this may be complemented with other nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy to combat muscle weakness or joint degeneration.

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