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What if you knew you may have left tens of thousands of dollars on the table for improperly documented injuries on personal injury cases that you’ve settled?

Dr. David Adamson of Kinexis Healthcare has a unique approach to evaluating and treating personal injury cases that will make a dramatic difference in the quality of service you provide your clients, as well as transform what you look for in injuries and in doctors. 

There are five critical mistakes that your healthcare providers are likely making that are damaging your settlements.


Undiagnosed/Underdiagnosed spinal ligament injuries.

You now know the importance of working with a competent and thorough healthcare provider that knows how to find these hidden spinal ligament injuries and how to have them documented to protect your client so you can get them the appropriate compensation that they deserve.


Failure to document permanent injury.

The provider must know how to properly do this and have the systems in place to document permanent injury with verifiable findings. This is crucial so that your client can get the care and benefits that they need.


Not documenting what your client can no longer do.

This refers to what are called Loss of Enjoyment factors, or LOE. Your provider failing to do this will absolutely hurt the success of your client’s case.


Not clearly documenting the difficulty your client has with various activities.

These are referred to as Duties under Duress, DUD. These are relevant to permanent injuries and crucial for the case.


Not documenting future care needs in a highly objective fashion.

Failing to do so does a huge disservice to your client as they may have an injury that warrants an established level of permanency. These patients oftentimes deserve a settlement that includes future care to assist them long after the injury case is closed. In order for future care to be relevant, the patient has to have his injuries fully diagnosed and documented.

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We share some of our expansive knowledge of the medical-legal process, and what information you may not be getting from other providers that could strengthen your client’s case. Find out what we do to help you get your client the compensation they deserve.


Spinal Ligament Injuries

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This is about you being able to do right by your client and giving them what they deserve.
Dr. David Adamson has worked routinely with personal injury lawyers and their clients to fully evaluate, document, and communicate issues a client is experiencing following an accident.

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