MCU: Multi-Cervical Unit

Eliminate Your Neck Pain for Good

Typical medical approaches ignore the underlying cause of chronic neck pain. On average 50% of these patients continue to suffer. Don’t waste your time and money on treatment that doesn’t deliver results!

mcu the premiere neck rehab system

Treat the Root of Your Neck Pain

Like any other muscle group, your neck is weakened by injury. Weakness causes progressive pain and limited range of motion.

The BTE MCU targets the underlying cause of pain and stiffness. Your clinician will use this unique system to accurately evaluate and strengthen your weakened muscles – for results that last. 

Get back to top form - at home, at work, and on the field

75% of MCU patients experience decreased neck pain and improved range of motion. Take the first step with your clinician today!

MCU saves your evaluation and treatment graphs for each session. Your clinician will monitor this data to track and guide your progress.

Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your progress in a visual report – showing exactly what you are getting out of your time and effort

Give yourself a new lease on life. Get back to enjoying and participating fully in all your favorite activities

MCU: Multi-Cervical Unit

Proven Results
you Can't Get Anywhere Else

The BTW MCU allows your healthcare provider to precisely measure your neck strength and mobility to pinpoint the root of your pain.

Get better faster with a fully personalized treatment program specifically designed for you.

Strengthen your weakened neck muscles safely with MCU treatment. Overcome your neck pain for good! 

Get better, stay better, and live better with MCU!

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