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Nutrition & Exercise

Kinexis serves its patients with the understanding that success is dependent on more than chiropractic treatments alone. While we utilize the latest technological advancements, nothing treats the body better than proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Diet and exercise have a strong link to conditions like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, hormone problems, thyroid, adrenal glands, and emotional disorders like anxiety or depression. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet paired with moderate exercise is a vital part of making sure your body is getting what it needs to function and thrive, especially when receiving chiropractic care, and we want to help in every way possible.

All In One Fitness Solution

We aim to be the best chiropractor and fitness center in Southwest Florida, so we make sure to supply you with all the tools you need to succeed in your fitness goals. Our highly qualified staff is here to support you through every aspect of your wellness journey.

In our extensive front-end assessment process, we use a client’s medical history as well as a series of questionnaires and evaluations to assess their physical being. We will then curate a custom health plan supported by medical experts and top-of-the-line fitness software to recommend the best course of action to get a patient to reach their goals.

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How It Works

Our certified personal trainers offer professional assistance in the Estero Snap Fitness gym to help you stay focused on your goals. Based on the results of your MicroFit Medical Fitness Evaluation, our trainers will put together a personalized fitness plan based on your individual needs. Some of our trainers have Master’s Degrees in Exercise Science, and many have a background in education, so they are highly qualified to teach exercise techniques to others in a comprehensive way. Whether you want to learn how to tone your arms or are looking to find out how to target belly fat, the Snap Fitness trainers can lead you to success.

Get 50% Off Your Medical Fitness Evaluation!

Normally a $150 value, this payment can be applied towards your first personal training package.


Healthy Eating Starts Here

If you have trouble in terms of healthy eating habits, our in-house nutritionist can cater to your diet-related needs by recommending anything from specific, minor nutrition modifications to transformative top-quality medical weight loss programs such as Ideal Protein.

We Treat Differently

As a small, privately-owned practice, we cater to individuals and are focused on helping our clients achieve their ideal health goals based. No hype or watered-down information, just realistic, comprehensive recommendations based on your goals, using our expertise and scientific evidence.

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