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Get reduced cost and FREE chiropractic services in Estero by joining the Direct Care Program! No complications of insurance deductibles, minimums, or co-pays to get in the way of your spinal health, just one monthly membership to cover a variety of proven treatments that can reduce or eliminate back and neck pain.

With the Basic Membership, you get discounts on some of our most common chiropractic services such as examinations, spinal and extraspinal chiropractic manipulative treatments (CMTs), supervised and constant attendance modalities, and physical therapy. When you upgrade to the Inclusive Membership, you can have access to ALL of our professional chiropractic services at deep discounts that rival any insurance deductible. Both membership options include one FREE adjustment per week!

What is the Direct Health Care Program?

The Direct Health Care Program is a personal health membership that allows patients to get discounts on common procedures we perform at Kinexis Chiropractic. Patients join for free and receive discounted care from our experienced health personnel for a flat monthly membership rate.

Is the Direct Health Care Program Insurance?

The Direct Health Care Program is not health insurance as defined under the Affordable Care Act, but the discounts offered in the Program allow patients to receive certain treatments at a lower cost than what their deductible may be, making it a cost-effective supplement for a health insurance plan.

How does the Direct Health Care Program work?

Patients can sign up for one of two memberships - Basic, or Inclusive. The Basic membership offers discounted rates on some common care processes, whereas the Inclusive membership offers discounts on all of our services. The membership has no signup or joining fees, and includes one free adjustment per week.

Can the Direct Health Care Program be used in conjunction with health insurance?

No. While patients can be a participant of The Direct Health Care Program and a health insurance plan, they should not be used together for the same service (CPT code) provided.

Will the patients’ privacy be protected?

Yes. Patient privacy is very important to us, as it should be, and we abide by all privacy laws and regulations.

If patients have Medicare, can they still join the Direct Health Care Program?

Yes, Medicare patients can participate in the Direct Health Care Program if the doctor deems the treatment as maintenance and NOT active care. This is because Medicare and other federally-funded programs do not qualify the Direct Health Care Program as a primary treatment option for an active injury, whereas maintenance is not covered under those policies. You will be required to sign an Assignment of Benefits Notification (ABN) stating that you understand that Medicare does not pay for this membership or its services.

Medicare and Florida Patients. Patients that are covered by Medicare are not allowed by federal law to enter into a direct primary care agreement with a physician for services that are covered by Medicare. If a service is not covered by Medicare, that service may be provided pursuant to a direct primary care agreement. The only chiropractic service covered by Medicare is treatment by manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation, for as long as Medicare determines that further clinical improvement is reasonably expected as a result of this ongoing care.
Chiropractic maintenance therapy is not covered by Medicare.

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